Thursday, July 31, 2003

Crazy Fun Days

Today, and this weekend, is "Crazy Days" in downtown Vermillion. Actually, someone told me today that it's called "Fun Days" because "Crazy Days" is offensive to crazy people. I don't know if that's true, but there you go. "Whatever-They're-Called Days" is basically a weekend where all the downtown businesses sell all the junk they've been piling up all year. It's like a giant rummage sale. I love it! Today I went downtown to renew my license tabs and stop at the Post Office. Well, the PO is right across from the Hallmark store. I *love* Hallmark stores. SO I just went to look. How could I not? There were about six huge tables of gorgeous, useless crap just calling my name. Then, I heard the voice of the Devil (disguised as a sweet old woman wearing a Gold Crown name tag)... "Fill this bag for only $25." I looked over... The bag was probably two feet wide by 18 inches tall and six inches across. I thought to myself, "I bet I can fit a lot of crap in there!" And I was right (caution: big photo!). I just did the math, and the total retail value of my crap is $150!!! Who knew!?!

Now, does anyone know what I can do with 14 packages of tissue paper? I would've stuffed more in there, but I felt kinda guilty...

On an unrelated subject: What is this?!? Isn't he like, sixty or something??? Yuck! I don't know if I can handle it. I want Aidan back! And I guess now we know that Berger gets kicked to the curb... *sigh*

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Happy Hump Day

This week is cruising along pretty quickly. Part of me thinks that's nice because then the weekend will get here sooner. But part of me thinks that's not nice because then *winter* will get here sooner. I like fall, so I don't mind if that gets here, but I'm already dreading winter!

Have you been to Matt's blog yet today? He posted yesterday with a bunch of great photos of all the yarn they have over at Threadbear. It is absolutely insane! Me and my Knit Along girls are planning to visit those crazy guys in October and I can't wait. We're going the weekend after my birthday, so hopefully I will get cold hard cash or TB gift certificates as b-day gifts (hint, hint!). I'd really like to learn how to spin and it seems like Matt and Rob have the right tools to get me addicted...

I think that working on these swatches is improving the speed factor of my knitting. I'm probably an average speed knitter -- not super speedy but not super slow-poke, either. I am a tight knitter, though. I'm trying to retrain myself but it's pretty tough. I'll remember for a while and then revert to tight knitting. Any ideas on how to "cure" myself of that? I think if I learned to knit more loosely, my speed would automatically pick up a bit. The tightness slows me down because I have to push the stitches around since they're so tight on the needles. My needles probably aren't helping me out any. I have the SCC on my Denise circulars and they are so "sticky" -- even after I got the new cords. I don't think I have the right size Addis though.

And, in completely unrelated news, today is a good day because I get a free Subway sandwich for lunch. I have this.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I need, I want, I hafta have it!

Is this the craziest thing you've seen all day?

And this is a very cool website, no?

And I don't think I can live without one of these.

And I'm pretty sure I need one (or two) of these to carry all my new stuff in!

Monday, July 28, 2003

Swatch it!

This is what I worked on this weekend. Not super exciting, but it feels so good to actually accomplish something. I also finished the Funky Strandy Thingies scarf. Here's a photo of me wearing it. I'm really exhausted tonight so look for a longer post tomorrow.

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Yesterday, at the doctor's office, I cast-on for John's second sock. I was prepared to wait a long time... Turns out I hardly had to wait at all. In fact, I was only on the first round when the nurse called me in. She was absolutely amazed at the fact that I was knitting. She told me that she tried to knit once and that she managed to poke herself in the eye several times before giving up in frustration. She asked me to take the whole project out of its pouch and she looked at it (and its finished partner) for several minutes. She was very inquisitive and she kept telling me how wonderful it looked. The whole ordeal really made me feel good about my knitting. It's very rewarding to receive compliments from a complete stranger. I don't knit in public very often, but when I do I'm used to getting sideways glances and odd stares. It's nice when someone "has the guts" to approach and compliment your work, don't you think?

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The Perfect Sweater.

I have been looking for a pattern like this since forever. I *love* wrap-style sweaters. I haven't been able to find exactly what I've been looking for until now! I don't think the book is out yet, but you better bet I'll be getting it when it's available. Here's where I found it. It's under the "Books" link. It's called "The Cashmere Collection." And here's a picture of it in all its perfect glory. It's a teeny-weeny picture, but I can still tell that I love it!

Monday, July 21, 2003

Puppy Love

Don't tell John, but last night I fell in love with another guy. He's a little young for me, and I'm not usually attracted to the hairy kind, but I couldn't help myself. This guy is soooo dreamy! What do you think?

John and I went to Fairview Kennels last night to look at puppies. The people (Jeanne and Darrel) were so pleasant and the facility was gorgeous. It was clean (not stinky) and the dogs looked happy and healthy. We could tell that they loved their doggies. They had puppies ranging from a week and a half to three months old. The one we fell in love with (Beaumont) is one of the older ones. He was born on March 28th. He hasn't officially joined our family, yet, but we'll know by the end of the week.

In knitting news, I'm really digging this felted Kureyon bag done with mitered squares (see craftydiva's blog) and I'm going to make a variation as a Christmas gift. Go check this bag out. It's gorgeous. John's sock is still not done. I want to throw it out the window, but I *must* finish it. I'm dreading doing the second one. I think I may have to rip out about two and a half inches because I panicked and started decreasing for the toe too soon. I thought I was going to run out of yarn. I think I'll be okay if I rip it out and add about two more inches. What a pain in the whoo-ha. I will not work on it tonight, though. Tonight is for swatches!

** Update **
I think I owe Blogger an apology. In my haste to blame someone other than myself for my blog malfunctioning, I wrote a little angry comment about how Blogger is dumb and how it wouldn't show you my pictures. Well, umm... I typed the paths in incorrectly. It was my fault. I'm sorry, Blogger. Please forgive me. Check the July 16 (Wednesday) entry or click here to see SCC v2.0 and John's Sock. The sock is a little further along, but since I'm in serious dislike with it right now, I'm not going to post a newer picture. So there.

**Updated Update**
Sure enough... When I tried to post my apology to Bogger, I mean Blogger, it funk-d-fied my post. I guess it doesn't think my apology was sincere. Aftet this, I'm not sure it deserved to be! This thing is driving me crazy!!! I must step away from the computer...

Friday, July 18, 2003

Swatcha up to?

I’ve started on my Swatch-o-Rama-Lamma-Ding-Dong project. I am making 8” square cotton swatches to mail to my Knit Group buddies. We’re making blankets. I’ve got one and a half done. I will try to post pictures, but I don’t think Blogger likes me anymore. It is not displaying photos that I know have been uploaded onto the server. Argh. Pooh. I *have* to get my other site up and running. Maybe that will bet the weekend project. I’d love to say “Bye, bye Blogger!”

A few people have asked how I got the "Strandy Thingies" in the Flirty scarf. Well, *wink, wink,* it's very simple. Instead of wrapping the yarn once around your needle, you wrap it three times (or 2 or 4 times, depending on how long you want your strandy thingies). Knit (or purl) the next row as usual and the extra "length" on the stitches will magically appear. It's like making super lo-o-o-ong stitches. You may have to fiddle-fart around with it to make it behave, but it really is simple. And it looks cool. So there you have it. Wha-lah! Wait, is that spelled "Viola!"? You know what I mean!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Finally with the photos!

A few days ago, I posted about my knitting funk. I didn't feel like knitting. My WIPs were not interesting. I was feeling totally uninspired. On the advice of the lovely women in my knitting group, I knit up a fast and fun scarf.
Flirty Scarf
The only problem is that I have run out of the fancy yarn (Plymouth Flirt) so the scarf is only about two and a half feet long. Sad. It was still fun, and I think it helped lift the knitting funk. Perhaps someday I will buy a few more skeins of Flirt and finish the Flirty scarf.

**Warning: Blogger is dumb and will not display my photos today. Therefore, the links below are temporary broken. Thank you.**
In other knitting news, here's where I am on SCC v2.0. It's been set aside while I work on this. I'm decreasing for the gusset (is that the right term?) now, and hope to finish by the end of this week. I hope I have better luck on this toe than I did on the last one. Me no likey the kitchener stitchy. And I am going to start working on my two swatches for my blanket. My Knitting Group friends are sending me swatches any day now... I can't wait for them to start rolling in. That should definitely help with the knitting funk.

Monday, July 14, 2003


That's how I feel today. I rarely get cranky, but for some reason, I am today. Everything seems to be rubbing me the wrong way. Argh!

I worked on John's sock last night. I turned the heel with no problems. When it came to picking up the gusset stitches, I did it completely backwards so I had to tink it all and start over. I think it's all under control now. I really hope these puppies fit John's feet. I let him try one on when it was just a tube and it was pretty snug. This is after I went up to CO 70 st (from CO 64 st). Oh well... If they don't fit him, they'll make someone a nice Christmas gift!

I'm also still working on SCC. I love seeing other people's pictures of finished SCCs on various blogs. The more I see it, the more I like it. Should be done sometime this summer! Ha!

Alright, I'm too grumpy to blog. Blech. Maybe this funk will lift and I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Friday, July 11, 2003


I told you I'd post photos and that's just what I'm gonna do... later this weekend. Here are a few to tide you over.

Rubber Duckie, You're the One

too cool for schoolThis story made me giggle and miss Ernie.

The women in my KnitAlong group are sending me swatches (think fluffa!) to sew together into a blanket. Each month, another member will be the recipient until all of us have our own blanket. I can't wait till the PO Box starts filling up with swatches. Thanks for the great inspiration, Becky!

John and I are going to look at puppies this weekend. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I'm really excited about getting a dog. There is a breeder about 30 minutes from our town. We're hoping that she'll be interested in a little bartering because the puppies are pretty pricey (purebred Italian Greyhounds). I'll keep you posted. Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Would you like cheese with that whine?

Caution: venting and whining ahead.

Guilt: Feeling of regret for your real or imagined misdeeds, both past and present; Feeling of obligation for not pleasing, not helping, or not placating another; Motivator to amend all real or perceived wrongs.

Guilt: What I feel for not blogging often enough, not finishing more knitting projects and not being generally a lot cooler than I am.

I know these thoughts are irrational, but it seems like it's just my nature to compare myself to all the great knitters out there who have amazing blogs and knit three sweaters a day. So many of you have children, full-time jobs, pets, social obligations, etc. and you still manage to whiz through projects left and right. My family and friends probably think I knit way too much, but I feel like I should be knitting more. And where does that come from? Am I afraid of the Knitting Police? Do I think I have some sort of knitting quota to fill?

These feelings have increased in the last week or so because I've hit a little knitting slump. I got so relaxed over my vacation that I can't seem to get motivated to do much of anything, let alone knit. What do you do to get excited about WIPs? Usually, I would buy more yarn... That is not an option this time as I am B-roke! And I think that part of my problem is that I'm bummed out that I haven't finished anything lately. Maybe I need a super quick little something to make me feel like I've accomplished something. Ideas?

Okay, done whining. In other news, John's latest idea is that we need one of these. Isn't she a cutie? She's an Italian Greyhound. I would love to have a dog, and having a dog that I could knit for would be even cooler.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Back to the real world

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing weekend. If you had half as much fun as I did, then I'm sure your weekend was faboo!

Here's a quick recap of what I did this weekend:

  • Knitting -- Sitcom Chic and John's Sock
  • Relaxing -- lots and lots and lots
  • Shopping -- very restrained trip to LYS
  • Tubing behind boat -- found muscles I never knew I had
  • Playing Scrabble -- game called on account of torrential rain and lightning
  • Eating -- No calorie counting on the Holidays
  • Loving every minute of it...

My parents have worked so hard to get where they are today and they have made such a nice life for themselves. I'm so happy for them. Imagine waking up every morning to blue skies and having a cup of coffee on the shore; spending the day on the boat; ending the day with a campfire; and repeating that cycle all summer. John and I did not want to come home yesterday. The thought of returning to "real life" was such a drag after spending such a relaxing weekend at the lake. We will be going back to visit again, soon!

The trip to the LYS was short and sweet. The shop, Playing with Yarn, is up the North Shore in Knife River, MN. The drive is gorgeous. I love Lake Superior. The shop is small but plentiful and both the owner and her assistant are just about as friendly as they could be. My only complaint is that the store isn't located in my town! I would love to go there every day. But I guess that could get to be a problem, huh?

I promise to post pictures within the next few days. The batteries are recharging after some pretty heavy usage. Check back tomorrow for knitting photos and vacation photos, too!

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Vacation... All I ever wanted!
Happy Fourth of July!

I am going on vacation until Monday, July 7th. John and I are bringing the 'lil bro home to my parents' house for the Holiday weekend. There will be tons of food, lots of playing in the lake and hopefully a little knitting, too!

Still working on the sock. I may post pictures, but I kinda think, "If you've seen one sock in progress, you've seen 'em all." Am I right? That might not stop me from posting a pic. The yarn is pretty cool and I'm using size 1 Addis so the tiny stitches are tres impressive to me. I am easily amused. I'm also working on SCC. I'm only just past the second set of increases. It's very easy knitting so far. And I'm liking the Cotton-Ease. Must... Get... More... Speaking of which, does anyone want to take bets about whether or not I will go to the yarn store in my parents' town? Must... Stay... Strong...

In other news, I would really like one of these. They are from Peace Fleece. I'd also like to try some of their lovely looking yarn and other goodies. I made myself an okay knitting needle case, but I *really* like the handmade needles and the story behind them at Peace Fleece. I need a magical Knitting Fairy to bestow unnecessary gifts upon me. Anyone know where I can find one?

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. See you all on Monday!