Monday, March 31, 2003

It's official

I officially live in South Dakota. I now have a SD driver's license and SD license plates. Weird. I probably won't be able to find my car now bc I'll be looking for my old MN plates. It's just weird.

I'm working on M's tote, again. I want to get it finished before we start the boatneck shell knit along. Plus, I want some "mindless" knitting to do for a while. I've been really tired lately and it's hard to concentrate on anything too intricate. Susan (from cherry ducky) and I are going to try socks soon, too. I want to get the Socks Soar book and learn on two circulars. I hate DPNs. I am no good at them. I am not improving. I have no desire to improve. If there is a different way to do it, I will learn it bc I hate DPNs. But I do want to learn how to knit socks. Lucky for me there is the Socks Soar method. I'd really like some Cherry Tree Hill or Koigu merino. Yummy. But I'm going to be a grown-up about it and wait until I know what I'm doing before I drop $20 for a pair of socks that only a mother could love.

I posted a few new pictures. The swatch for the boatneck shell looks really blue. In real life, it is a lighter periwinkle purple-ish blue. The photo of just the yarn is more accurate, I think. And the photo of mom's original gift idea is up, too. Mom, even if you say you like it, I think you'll like your new gift even better!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

He works hard for the money

I just re-read my last post and now I feel really spoiled! Yesterday, while I worked for 8 hours, John drove to Sioux Falls (an hour away from where we live) to go to work on a Saturday. He got up there at 9 am Saturday and he came home at 7 am today. He worked for 21 straight hours! He did not sleep. He barely stopped to eat. And all this for a company that seems to care less if he is miserable. When he got home at 7 am, he crawled into bed and slept until about 12:30. And now, as I type this, he's driving back up to Sioux Falls to work on this project, again! I wish I would win the lottery so he didn't have to work so hard...

And when I win the lottery, I'm going to organize my very own knitting retreat right here in the midwest! KR announced the annual November knitting retreat. I really want to go. I might go, actually. That's plenty of time to save some money. I'd love to meet the people that I "talk" to everyday. I have no idea how much it costs, but I think airfare is pretty reasonable. At this stage, I'm just in dreaming mode, though. Mom, how'd you like to go to Virginia in November?!?

Only two weeks until the Boatneck Shell Knit Along starts! Are you excited? I just found some lovely yarn on eBay that I might have to use...
What do you think?

Saturday, March 29, 2003

I'm so spoiled

This is how spoiled I am. I actually feel overworked when I have to work an eight hour day. I worked 10-2 at the Coffee Shop this morning and now I'm working 2-6 at the computer lab. To put it in perspective though, I do go to class 14 hours/week and work 30+ hours/week, 7 days a week. That doesn't even factor in knitting time, either. I guess I am a busy girl!

I talked to my mom the other day and she had some sad news about my grandpa. He woke up from a nap and couldn't see out of his left eye. They went to the hospital and found out that he had a blod clot in his retinal artery and is now permanently blind in that eye. He's so funny, though. Right after he got the news, he told the doctor that he'd be OK. He said he'd just get half of a seeing eye dog. He said he's going to get the back half of the dog so that he doesn't have to feed it. And he told me that he thought he'd probably lose some weight now since he'd only be able to see half the food on his plate. What a weirdo! You just have to love him...

On the knitting front, I'm working on the second part of "The Real Gift." It's a three part deal. Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of the original gift. I'm not sure what its fate will be. Does anyone else have a birthday coming up? Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

What day is it?

I think I lost a day somewhere. I've been a little preoccupied this last week. I have terrible spring fever which means that I'm finding it difficult to concentrate. But, at the same time, my classes are getting intense and I find myself having to *gasp* study! The good news is that there is only a little more than a month of class left this semester. The bad news is that it's not getting any easier... Have I mentioned that I hate calculus?!?

John told me today that he can install Moveable Type on one of his boxes at work and register my domain name for me! What does that mean to you, the dear reader? Well, for one thing, the website address would change to so you'd have to change your links. I know you've all linked to my site, right? And, more importantly, I think the site itself would be easier to navigate. From what I've heard, and what little I know about MT, it's easy and it makes your site look dy-no-mite! Yippee!

And, Mom's b-day present is finished. But it turns out that it's not really "her." So, I'm busy making a much better gift for her. I am one-third of the way done with what I will call "The Real Gift." And, on a related note, I went to the post office to get the mail today. What to my surprise should I find there? My Mom's birthday card marked "NSW," which I think means "No Such Way." It should've been marked, "WADA," which means "What a Dumb Ass." I put the wrong address on my own mother's birthday card! Sorry, Mom. I've remailed it with the correct address and given myself 40 lashes with a wet noodle.

John and I went to the coffee shop tonight for the monthly Vermillion Literary Project Poetry Slam. I had to go for my creative writing class. John had to go bc he's my boyfriend and he loves me. Plus, I cooked dinner for him. The Slam was OK. I definitely will not put it on my list of things to do if you find yourself visiting Vermillion. Hmmm... Come to think of it, that list is pretty short. Maybe the Slam does make the list.

I went to student health yesterday to get my puffy eyes checked. They are red like a baboon's butt. And I really like monkeys, but I don't like it when my face looks like a butt. The doctor was very nice when I explained that my eyes had been red, puffy and irritated since October of last year. I'd already seen someone at student health a month ago. He gave me some goopy stuff to put in my eyes. It made them feel better while it was on, but it didn't make it go away. So, this nice doctor gave me Prednisone. For those of you who don't know, this is a steriod. It makes me a little crazy. Think PMS on speed. It's a pretty low dose and we're tapering down, so hopefully I won't be full-blown psycho. And she told me to get "one of those masks like movie stars wear to sleep in." I didn't have one, and I couldn't find one in Vermillion (surprise, surprise) so I asked John to stop at WalMart in Sioux Falls to pick one up. He whined a little about how silly he'd look, but he went anyway. He couldn't find one. The idea is to smear my eyes with Vaseline and then wrap the sleeping mask in Saran Wrap and wear that to bed. The Vaseline will moisturize and the Saran Wrap will keep it from getting rubbed off. I improvised. I wrapped my winter headband in Saran Wrap and wore that. It was pretty silly. It got way too hot and I had to take it off in the middle of the night. Tonight I will try Vaseline with no winter gear. I hope this works. And I'm glad she didn't tell me that knitting was the culprit because I ain't stoppin'!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Mom's present is blocking... It's almost finished! I'm so happy with it. I think I will have to make a matching one for myself! Then we'll have to get matching mother/daughter easter dresses and we'll be all set! I plan on finishing it tonight, mailing it tomorrow and posting photos on Friday. Stay tuned...

I watched this weekend's Trading Spaces episode, the one in Las Vegas with the lady who hated brown. It was hilarious! I wonder why some people go on that show. You know that the one thing you ask them not to do is the one thing they'll be sure to do. And some of those homeowners say, "don't touch this or this or this or this. And don't use brown, red, orange, green, blue or yellow." Hello?!? What is the point of being on the show? I would love to have a room done by Vern or Edward or Genevieve. I love Gen. She's so funky. Actually, I'd like anyone but Frank (no offense, Frank). He's just not my style. And I don't like Kia's theme rooms, either, but I haven't seen her in a while so maybe she got the boot.

This is annoying. My tag-board is not working. Pooh. And when my page loads it says I have a bug. Pooh. Double Pooh. I think it's bc is down. Hopefully that will resolve itself in a timely manner. I have to go study for a calculus quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Everyone say, "Happy Birthday Patti!" It's my Mom's birthday today. I love you, Mom. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you gys and eat shish-kabobs. Your present will be done by tonight (I hope).

A while ago, I bought some yarn on eBay. It was garbage. I could get the same thing at the Civic Council (like Goodwill) for a quarter. Plus, when I got it, it smelled so bad! I emailed the seller and told her that I wasn't going to be able to use it bc it was too stinky and she just told me to wash it. So I did and it's still pretty stinky. Now I'm reselling it on eBay with the disclosure that it now smells like smoke covered up by the scent of dryer sheets. Someone actually bought it, so I have to get down to the post office today and mail it off. Is that bad karma on my part? I think from now on if I buy yarn on eBay, I will only buy from the stores I've heard good things about. I've bought from the Cucumber Patch and Toadal and Juliepoolie and they're great. Love 'em. But no more yarn for a while as I am broke.

On a totally different note, does anyone know anything about Moveable Type? I really want this site to look more polished and I don't know how to go about it. I've noticed that sites "powered by MT" seem to look very nice. I want it, too. But I don't really know what it is or how it works. Help?!?

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Love the city, Love the movie!

I'm so glad this movie won. I loved it!

What weekend?

This will be my response to people who ask me how my weekend was. I feel like I didn't even have a weekend. I worked straight through it. Last night, John and I had dinner at John and Carol's house. Carol's daughters were all there with their kids. They have some darn cute kids. I arrived separately form John because I came straight from work. When I walked in the door, I was immediately greeted by Erin and Jordan inviting me to play Polly Pockets. I think they're both 4 years old. Erin and Jordan are cousins and there's a bit of cousinly rivalry there. Both girls were pretty sure that the three of us couldn't all play together. They wanted me to choose who to play with. Luckily, it takes them a good half hour to prep for playing Polly Pockets and by that time I was able to sneak off to join the adults.

Today has been pretty laid back so far. We're going to John and Carol's tonight for a little Oscar party. And I have to work at midnight, so I've already taken a nap. I'm also almost done with Mom's b-day gift. And when I say "almost done," I mean that I'm probably about halfway done. I really like what I'm making so I hope I have enough yarn to make one for myself!

Friday, March 21, 2003

Folk Music Hell

No offense to those who enjoy folk music, but I just spent four hours in folk music hell. I worked at the coffee shop tonight and we had live "entertainment." At least we stayed pretty busy so I didn't really have to listen to the music. Yuck.

I think I got the gauge right on the boatneck shell cotton. The yarn says to use a size 6 but I have to use a size 8. i got the same gauge with a size 6 and a size 7 (6 st/inch). It was only slightly better with the 8's (5.5 st/inch, but I'm calling it 5). What does that say about my knitting skills? I still have to wash the swatch. I'm expecting it to shrink a little, so I still may use the size 6 needles.

I cast on for M's tote but I haven't really worked on it too much. I sent G her tote today so she should get it tomorrow or Monday. I hope she likes it. And I'm going to figure out which projects I'd like to knit from the Hip to Knit book so that I can photo copy them. Maybe it's time for a little yarn inventory... I have no idea what I have. I'm also working on a present for my Mom's birthday (which is on Sunday) but she reads my blog so I can't tell you what it is. She's going to have to wait though, as it is still just an idea in my head! Alright, I am tired out from all that folk music. I gotta go to bed.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

I'm hip... I'm "with it..."

I just checked out Hip to Knit from the local library. Actually, my library didn't have it so I got it through inter-library loan. I think the most recent knitting book at my library is from 1978. Sad. But I'm glad I could get this book. It's got some cute things in it, but not enough for me to buy it. I think I'm going to make the "No Sleeves Funnel Top." And/or the "Must Have Cardigan." Like it says, I must have it. Has anybody used this book?

I'm naughty. I am getting so anxious for the Knit Along... I had to start swatching! It's a good thing I did, though, bc I might have some issues with gauge. I may have to tinker a while. But I like the yarn (so far) - Tahki Classic Cotton. And I've heard that it washes up nicely. I'm also working on my first sock. I don't work on it very often, though, so it's coming along V.E.R.Y. slowly. Good things come to those who wait???

I had a very frustrating customer service experience yesterday/today. I have to deal with this bank to solve a problem from four years ago. I won't name names, but for the sake of this post I will refer to said bank as "the Devil". So I call the Devil yesterday and talk to Megan. Megan is rude to me right off the bat. That really pisses me off. If you're going to be rude to me, at least wait until I've given you a reason to do so, OK? Megan states that she can’t help me with my problem and the only person who can has already left for the day. She also says that she’s sure he won’t be able to do anything for me because, “we just don’t do that here.”

Well, I take my chances and call the Devil back today to speak with the branch manager of the Devil (we’ll call him BM for short – sorta like bowel movement, which is what he reminded me of). He is also very rude to me straight away. What’s with the Devil? It’s as if the employees hate their jobs, their lives and everyone they come into contact with. BM tells me that he indeed has helped people with this problem in the past, but it is their policy not to deal with said problem. I asked if I could get a copy of that policy and he told me that he didn’t think it was written anywhere. ARGH. If it’s not written anywhere, and you’ve done it in the past, what is preventing you from doing it again? Is there no sympathy in your sorry shriveled excuse for a soul? I’m not asking you to donate a kidney, for pete’s sake! Then, I ask him if there is anyone else who might be able to help me with my situation as I felt like I was bothering him at work. He tells me that he’s the BM and there really is no one else. So now I have a call into his supervisor. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear from me. At one point, I may have been willing to drop it, but after being talked to like a child by several employees of the Devil, I’m angry and by golly, they are gonna hear about it!

Whew! Good to get that off my chest… Are you still with me? I have to do a little homework now and then work on the sock. I’ll keep you posted on my dealings with the Devil.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

What next?

"On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance ..."

Well, it's started. It's hard to concentrate on much else... I have a sinking feeling in my stomach. My only hope is that it's quick and minimal, although I'm sure it will be neither.

On a brighter note, I've posted pics of G's tote. It turned out great, IMHO! Also, tonight, out of the blue, John said, "Why don't we make something with your sewing machine." He amazes me sometimes! So, check out the pics of what we made... He says he's really going to use it. Won't his co-workers be jealous?!?

I cast on for M's tote. I hope it goes as smoothly as G’s did. On a related topic, I'm beginning to think that I'm allergic to wool. Ever since I started knitting, my eyes have been puffy and red and irritated. I could not for the life of me figure out why. My only hunch is that the wool bothers my eyes. This is very sad for my eyes because I will not stop. Has anybody heard of such a thing?

That’s all for tonight. I’ve had a long day and I just want to crawl into bed with my Baby and have some pleasant dreams… Take care.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

the wonders of technology

I love Blogger when it works, but when it doesn't, I could just pitch it out the window. I had a whole entry typed up and the computer ate it (I think that's what happened, anyway). You can see its ghost right above this post. Just an empty blog entry. So sad...

G's tote is done! It's taking forever to dry. Pictures will be up as soon as the camera batteries are recharged. Tonight, I will cast on for M's bag. And then, I think I will make one for myself. I have the patterns from for My Constant Companion and 3 or 4 others. I think I will try one. Also, I taught myself how to crochet today. What brought that on? Well, my Granny taught me when I was 6 or 7 but I only knew how to make "snakes." Today, I learned: a) that the technical term for "snake" is chain, and b) how to make rows and rows of crocheted goodness. I'm working on a Sugar n' Cream face cloth. Funsies!

Monday, March 17, 2003

the moment of truth

G's tote is in the washing machine felting right now. I just realized that I forgot to take a "before" photo. Ooops. Well, it was really big. And I didn't pull all the fringies through because it woulda taken forever. I'll post finished pics tomorrow.

Monday, Monday...

The next line is supposed to be, "So good to me," but I'm going to replace it with "I need some sleep." Those overnight shifts at the computer lab really mess with my circadian rhythms! Whew.

I posted a few new names on the Knit Along page. I think we're going to have a smallish group. That's OK, though. It's more friendly and intimate that way, right? I can wait to start. But I'm not looking forward to winding the rest of my cotton. What a pain in the butt that is turning out to be! I really should invest in a ball winder.

OK, I'm going to leave work now, go home, and study for a calculus quiz. I hope it's not raining because I biked to campus today. I really want to finish G's tote, too, but we'll see how far I get on the calculus. I just have to knit the straps and felt it. I don't think I'm going to pull all the fringies through. I started and I think it would take forever. I think it'll look fine without doing it. Cross your fingers.

What's next on my list after G's tote? M's tote, of course. And I'm still trying to learn the whole sock thing. Also, I may start on the Christmas stockings, too. We'll see. I just can't wait for school to be over with. All that math homework gets in the way of my free time!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

G's tote is coming along well. I've added the novelty yarn (Salsa by Plymouth). The only snafu seems to be that the little fringy things are mostly ending up on the inside of the bag. I guess I'll have to go back with a tweezers and pull them all through to the front. Argh. But I think it will be worth it in the end. I really hope it felts up well. Pictures will be up soon!

On a different note, the weather here is so gorgeous that I'm feeling inspired to plant a garden. Flowers in the front yard and possibly a veggie garden in the backyard. I have no idea what I'm doing, but how hard can it be (giggle, giggle).

Friday, March 14, 2003

Spring has Sprung!

It is a balmy 60 degrees outside today. I rode my bike to school today. It's been a while since I could do that. It was lovely.

John is leaving this afternoon to visit his friend, Lee, in Kansas City. It's about a 5 hour drive from here. I'll be home alone all weekend. You know what that means! I should be able to get some knitting done. Oh, and homework. But I bet I will miss my John...

Grandma's tote is coming along quite well. I've never used this bulky of wool on a tote, so I'm debating about whether or not to change the pattern a little. Maybe I'll make it purse-style instead of tote-style. I hope to finish it this weekend. I think I'll work on it right now!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

To cook or not to cook?

OK, I posted some new photos. They're all WIPs. Hmmm... You may think I never finish anything, but you'd be wrong. I have finished several things, but I seem to have given most of them away without photographing them. Oh well, they were mostly scarves. Not that scarves are any less important than anything else I might knit. It's just that if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all (for the most part). It is a little disheartening that the WIP list keeps growing and changing while the Finished Projects list stays the same. *sigh*

But, I'm cruising along now on G's bag. I found some bamboo circs that love this bulky yarn. Next up will be Margo's bag (my aunt). Then, in April, we're starting the boatneck shell. Some people on KR are wondering what size it's going to turn out to be. I got so excited about the whole thing, I didn't even think about that. So, I'll just knit and modify and if it doesn't fit, one lucky reader out there will be the proud new owner of a boatneck shell! Wahoo!

This morning John tells me that we're going to have dinner with John and Carol. That's good because I haven't seen them in a while. But, John doesn't know if we're eating at their house or our house! He's not sure if I have to make something for dinner or not. I work till 3 pm so I guess I'll go to the grocery store after work and just assume that I'm making dinner for four. My friend Jaime gave me an awesome recipe for General Tso's chicken... Yum-yum. Hope they like chinese food!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

workin' again...

I feel like I'm always at work. Or at class. Or doing homework. I'm amazed I am able to find the time to knit! heehee.

I will update photos soon (probably tomorrow night). I'm working on my grandma's tote right now. It's going well, but I'm a little frustrated. I have the Denise interchangeable set and I'm using it for the tote. I'm using Lamb's Pride bulky, which I *love*, but it's kinda driving me up the mental wall. The yarn really wants to stick to the plastic cord and I have to stop about every 15-20 stitches to push and pull the bag around to be able to knit more! Argh!

[Just an aside: I'm at work in the computer lab right now, and I just witnessed a real, live "secret handshake" kinda thing go down right in front of my very eyes! The two guys shook, then grabbed, then slapped, then punched and ended with a snap. Wild.]

Back to the tote trauma: I don't have any other circulars that are long enough in that size. Any great advice out there, fellow knitters? Buying a new pair isn't really an option since a) I have no LYS, and b) I have no money! I guess I just deal with it for another hundred rounds...

On a happier note, it really felt like spring today. The snow is melting, the birds are singing, and it's starting to smell like cow poo. I haven't experienced a spring in South Dakota yet, but I think that's one of the signs it's here. It's truly lovely.

Monday, March 10, 2003

I get to go home in 45 minutes and take a nap. I'm so tired, I don't even feel like knitting!

Today was the first day of class after spring break. We didn't have any calculus homework (yay!) and I've already read the short stories that were assigned for creative writing. That means that I can work on grandma's tote tonight while watching trashy TV! But first, naptime...

so sleepy

It's 3:30 a.m. and I am so tired. My eyes feel like sandpaper. My words of wisdom at 3:30 in the morning say don't try to wind itty-bitty cotton yarn into balls at 3:30 in the morning. You will be sorry. And cranky. Later today (at a more reasonable hour, like 3:30 in the afternoon), I am going to try the Black & Decker mixer method of mechanical ball winding.

I added the Knit Along page... The link is on the left side of the page. It's a button that says "knit along." Clever, no? I'm very excited about this, except I'm crabby at my yarn right now. I wound one ball and I have 7 left. That does not make me happy because the yarn will not behave. It's very naughty (knotty?).

I taught my friend, Jaime, how to knit when I visited her this past week. I bought her some Brittany birch needles and some Waterspun felted merino yarn (don't you wish you were my friend, too?). We had to wind the yarn before I could teach her how to knit. She asked me why the yarn comes in hanks instead of balls. I told her that some yarn does come in balls and some comes in hanks. I didn't really know the answer, and I didn't know why some came in balls and others came in hanks. I thought maybe it was because it looks nicer and is easier to display when it's in hanks. Or maybe it's done that way to keep the ball-winder companies in business. Does anyone know the real answer? And, coincidentally, what's the difference between a skein and a hank? These are the thoughts that wander through my head late at night...

Sunday, March 09, 2003

She's Ba-a-a-a-ack!

I'm home from my spring break vacation. It didn't feel like spring break since it snowed everywhere I went! But it did feel like vacation. It was so nice to see my family and just relax and hang out. It was all pretty low key. I did some shopping, some knitting, saw a few movies, went out to eat...

I visited an LYS in St. Paul, MN for the first time (but not the last). I thought the LYS in my parents' town was nice (and it is), but this one was so much fun. OK, the staff wasn't as friendly as my favorite LYS in Duluth, but maybe that was because I didn't really have time to hang out and get to know them. Actually, when I lived in St. Paul, before I turned into a knitter, I worked with a woman who worked at this LYS. Too bad I wasn't a knitter then. Maybe she coulda gotten me a nice discount!?!

So, now I have enough yarn for 50 women... Oh, who am I kidding? I have a lot, but can anyone really have too much? I've started my grandma's felted tote. I'm using Lamb's Pride bulky and I like it alot. It's quick and easy. I also have a scarf cast-on. And I started my first pair of socks. Three WIPs is not so bad, considering how much new yarn I got on my vacation. I think I'll post a list of "Future Projects" so you can be excited with me!

Oooh, I also bought my yarn for the boatneck shell knit-along! I'm going to put up a link to a page that will list the participants and their yarns. I chose Tahki Cotton Classic. Mine is going to have some stripes across the chest area. It will be mostly purpley-blue with khaki, white and lime green stripes somehow worked in. I'll post pics soon. But I can't start it yet. We're all starting on April 15th. Maybe I'll just do my swatch.

And now I'm back to "real life." I'm working my graveyard shift at the computer lab. Our new 24-hour schedule went into effect today, and lucky me, I get to work midnight to 4 am! Yippee! Then I get to go to class at 10 am, and then work again until 3 pm. It screws up my sleep schedule for the whole week! But, I'm not complaining because I get to do homework and knit while I work. Guess which one I do more of? heehee...

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Knitting Frenzy!

I had breakfast this morning with my aunt and my grandma. The food was deliscious! Then, my aunt and I went to my parents' store and did a little shopping. Margo bought me a cute red hooded sweatshirt. After that, we went to the LYS... fun, fun, fun! They both want felted totes so we were shopping for wool. Margo picked out black yarn with confetti colored speckles and a very funky-cool novelty yarn for the top. Grandma gets a red and black tote with another cool-funky novelty yarn. Then, Margo saw a very cute Christmas stocking pattern that she thought I should make for myself and my BF. So she bought that plus the yarn to make them. I also got a felted mitten pattern. We kind of went crazy. It was fun.

Then, I drove her home and thanked her very much! And then I went back to the LYS to pick up the yarn that the woman wound into balls for me. She "talked me into" trying to make socks, so I bought a few balls of sock yarn and size 1 and 2 toothpicks, I mean DPNs. I am going to be busy, busy, busy! Two felted totes, two Christmas stockings and figuring out how to knit socks! Whew! I also have to get some cotton for the boatneck shell knit-along but I didn't have the pattern with so I guess I'll have to go back tomorrow... Aww, shucks!

Alright, I'm going to cast-on a sock now. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 03, 2003

more things I have to knit...

The new Knitty is out! Check it out at

Also, the forums are back up at KR. I was having serious withdrawal symptoms for a few days without it! But, I've survived because my parents have a slow dial-up connection so I haven't really been online too much since I've been here. I'm spoiled with a high-speed connection at home so apparently I've turned into some sort of speed snob.

I'm going to the LYS tomorrow to buy yarn for the chicknits boatneck shell knit-along. Yippee! I hope they have something beautiful for me. I'm sure the problem will not be finding something to buy... It'll be finding anything I don't want to buy! WIsh me luck and willpower!

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well, I made it to Duluth. Actually, I got here on Friday. The drive was long, but I bought the new Norah Jones CD to listen to and I had 2 books on tape. Last night my family and I went to a belly-dancing recital at the North Shore Theatre. My cousin was in it. Wow. The woman who owns the belly-dancing studio is maybe my parents' age and she is gorgeous. She has muscles and curves everywhere! It's absolutely amazing how they can move! And her daughter does it, too. I was amazed.

We also went shopping yesterday because there was a big sale at Younkers. I got 3 sweaters and a pair of jeans for $50! One of the sweaters is a cardigan knit with what looks/feels like Tagliatelli... Bee-yoo-ti-ful! It was originally $60 but it was mismarked at $28 plus I got 30% off and then I had a coupon for another 20% off. I think it came out to like $13 or something!

Today is just going to be a lazy day. Knitting, chatting and hanging out. I haven't gone to the knitting store, yet. I'll probably go Tuesday. My aunt and my grandma want to buy some yarn for me to make them felted totes. That's exciting for me because I like to knit for others... And I like to knit felted totes... And I like it when other people buy the yarn! I'm also going to see if someone at the LYS can help me learn to knit socks. Or, at the very least, I'll see if they have a good "how-to" book. Any suggestions?